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Affiliate Terms

The following rules govern our affiliate program.



What you need to know before you get started.


Start at 20% and earn your way up. Here’s how commissions work.


More legal restrictions for participating in this program.


There is no approval process, but there are conditions you must meet in order to participate in the program.


To register as an affiliate, you agree:

  • You have taken the free Journal Kickstart course.
  • You have a genuine interest in journaling, planning or productivity.
  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You own all digital properties and social media accounts that you represent.
  • We may remove you as an affiliate at any time at our sole discretion.
  • We may retrieve your payment info, via a third-party service provider (e.g. PayPal), so we can properly pay you for your sales efforts.


When you act as an affiliate, you also agree:

  • You will be on your best behavior.
  • You will not misrepresent your relationship with Life by Whitney in any way.
  • You will abide by all other third-party website’s (e.g. social media) policies on affiliate links and referral advertising.
  • You will only use our marketing materials (e.g. logos, banners, etc.) that have previously been approved by Life by Whitney.
  • You will report immediately any bad behavior by email.
  • You will not operate a fraudulent website or any of these digital properties:
    • Coupon, cash-back, voucher or price comparison sites.
    • Social registries, forums or any data aggregate directory.
    • Advertising networks, link farms or other link bait websites.
    • Sites related to sexual, religious, political or any illegal matters whatsoever.


  • Life by Whitney is a protected registered trademark with the USPTO.
  •, and Life by Whitney are properties of Bullet Everything LLC.
  • You are strictly prohibited from misuse of this trademark in any form.


Here’s how and when you get paid.


  • We offer one-time commission payments. We do not offer recurring commissions.
  • All our payments are made via Paypal in USD.
  • All potential referrals and subsequent sales are tracked via cookies which are set to a 60 day expiration (‘Cookie Period’).
  • Your commissions are calculated and paid only on verified sales made during this Cookie Period.
  • This means that you as an affiliate can receive a commission for a verified sale if the sale was made within 60 days of the user clicking your affiliate link (as long as you were the last referrer).
  • Our program uses ‘Last-Click Attribution’, which means only the last affiliate link to be clicked will be credited with the commission.
  • There are restrictions, for example if a user clicks multiple affiliate links prior to their verified sale, only the most recently clicked link will be credited with the commission and receive payment.
  • We do not split commissions among affiliates (‘Multi-level Commissions’). A cookie will be assigned to a single affiliate until the cookie expires.
  • All our commissions will be reviewed for fraudulent activity. If we have to return funds to a victim of credit card fraud, we will deduct commissions from an affiliate’s total approved commissions.


  • Our standard payout period is Net 60. Monthly payouts will be distributed 60 days from the end of the month. For example, referral revenue earned during the month of October would be paid out on or before December 31st (if not sooner).
  • The time from approval of a payout to funds deposited in your bank account is subject to PayPal (or any other third-party payment processor we use).
  • To be eligible for payment, you must register for an affiliate account on this website.
  • You also need to have an active PayPal account synced to your affiliate account.
  • If you believe you have not received a due payment, email us and we’ll help you.

Rates $

  • As an affiliate, you can achieve one of two ranks: Starter and Pro.
  • Every affiliate starts off as a ‘Starter’. Commission rate is 20%.
  • Make 10 verified sales, you get promoted to a ‘Pro’. Commission rate is 30%.
  • Commissions are calculated by multiplying the relevant commission rate and the price of the verified sales (excluding taxes and shipping costs).
  • Commissions are not paid on sales that are canceled or returned.
  • Learn more about what’s it like to become an affiliate.
  • Want to become a contributing teacher and make even more? Email us with subject line ‘Teacher’.

Already awesome? Log in.


For seasoned affiliates
  • Make 10 verified sales.
  • Sync your PayPal account.
  • Lifetime affiliate access.
  • Earn 30% after each sale.

Penalties is operated by Life by Whitney and by using this site you agree to these terms as well.

Account Creation

When it comes to creating an affiliate account, you agree:

  • You will only create one exclusive account for yourself.
  • You will keep your password private.
  • We can remove any user accounts at our sole discretion that we feel jeopardizes other members and the integrity of our community.
  • You will not use this website if you’ve ever been convicted of a crime and you will not misrepresent your affiliation with any entity or use others’ account information or content without their permission.

Bad Advertising

When promoting our products as an affiliate, you agree:

  • You may only use coupon, voucher or any other discount codes that are approved and provided by us.
  • All expiration dates for discount codes should be clearly visible and all codes should be removed immediately when they expire. We will not verify a discounted sale if it is past the expiration date.
  • You will not engage in any search or display advertising or bid on keywords that contain any of our intellectual property or trademarks. All affiliates are especially not allowed to use or our trademarked name in any non-affiliate URL or any online ads or copy.
  • If a user’s last click prior to making a verified sale was a paid channel (and not an affiliate link), such as Facebook Ads or Google PPC, the sale will not be verified and affiliates will not receive a commission.
  • You will not purchase or have any ownership of any domain names, digital properties or keywords that contain any of our intellectual property or trademarks.
  •  This is not an exhaustive list of prohibited advertising behaviors, and we reserve the right to remove you as an affiliate at any time.

Limited Liability

You agree:

  • You are fully liable and solely responsible for your behavior as an affiliate.
  • We are not liable to you for any loss of business or financial loss whatsoever.
  • You assume all risks when using Life by Whitney or our services online or offline.
  • We are not responsible for any damages you may incur, including loss of data, service interruptions or errors by you the affiliate.


  • By Life by Whitney, we are referring to Bullet Everything LLC, which owns and operates and
  • By, ‘We, Our or Us’, we mean Life by Whitney.
  • By ‘Website’ or ‘Site’, we mean this site,
  • By ‘Program’, we mean out Affiliate Program.
  • By ‘Purchase’ we mean a verified sale.
  • A ‘Verified’ sale is one we confirm and approve on this website.
  • By ‘Credited’, we are referring to receiving a commission for a verified sale.

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