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Not enrolled yet in Journal Kickstart?!

“I liked the Journal Kickstart course so much…”

I started my journal in January. I researched ideas that led to an intro spread, movies to see, and a books to read layout. I did a future log and a weekly spread for all of January. Then I started an overview of February and got stuck. Part of it was being a perfectionist and not knowing how to proceed … then I received an email from Whitney about the Journal Kickstart Course. It was free and offered how to set up a easy journal – first by signing a contract and rating our abilities, followed by 5 days of live instruction and worksheets to get you ready to start your journal. The main motto Whitney would express, “your doesn’t have to be perfect, mistakes are fine, just keep going!!” I liked the Journal Kickstart course so much I signed up and paid for the Journal YOU Course. I am so excited to learn more!!!

Lori G. @leg_bujo

“I really recommend this course…”

I have been journaling for about 6 months, and I took Whitney’s kickstart challenge to get some more ideas and get back to basics to set up my next journal. I got this and so much more. The back to basics & looking at the big picture was a really great exercise and I have really looked at what is and what isn’t important.

I recommend this course for those who have been journaling for a while and also beginners as there is a lot covered.

I was in the hospital when the workshop started, but it’s great because I was able to fill in my journal and then re-do on worksheets when I got home. I’m even going back over it again! The Support group was great, lots of encouragement and questions.

Jodie M. @Jodiem17