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Journal You Course

The ultimate beginners course for journalers.

30+ videos. 80+ printables. 1 happy journal.

Lifetime course access for only $179.99.

Course is now open!

*60 day money-back guarantee

Level 1: Intro + Roadmap

Learn what to expect out of this course. Sign a contract to yourself and take a pre-course questionnaire about YOU!

Level 2: Supplies

Learn about the best supplies with any budget – $10, $30 & $50. I’ll also show you my favorite tools for decoration & my essential MUST HAVE supplies.

Level 3: Basics / Start Simple

Set-up your journal the way YOU want. We will plan out your key and the direction you want to take your journal.

Level 4: Creating Layouts (with Examples)

Understand daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly layouts. You’ll learn to create and utilize layouts that work for you.

Level 5: Planning, Managing To-Do’s & Goal-setting

Learn WHAT to plan in your journal. Sort out your to-do’s and prioritize like a pro.

Level 6: What to Track (and how to do it)

Find out what is important to track in your journal, and what is fun to track. Learn to develop good habits and break bad habits. Track how you’re spending your time, and how you SHOULD be spending time.

Level 7: Lettering + Handwriting

The basics of hand lettering and handwriting improvement.

Level 8: Decorations

Decorate your journal with simple dividers and borders. Learn about doodling, stencils, stamps, stickers, washi and more!

Level 9: Paper Journal in a Smartphone World - Coming Soon!

We’ll distinguish what you need to keep on your phone and what to keep in your journal.

Level 10: Final Notes & Bonus Material

You’ve done it! We’ll take this time to recap our previous lessons and talk about our journaling future. I also have some bonuses for you 🙂


Your Teacher

Whitney is a journaling authority and professional blogger, where she focuses on planning and productivity. She is known for her journal designs, simplistic style, and beautiful lettering. In the last year alone, Whitney has designed well over 100 journal spreads which she has given away to over 10,000 downloaders. She is a native of Gulf Shores, Alabama, where she currently lives and cares for her brother after the loss of both her parents. Follow her popular Instagram or better yet join her loyal journaling tribe in the private Facebook Group.

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Jump in and buy the Journal YOU course. It will turn you into a pro and you get a full refund within 60 days if you don’t like it.

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