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Live Life on Paper

Journal You, a course for productivity winners.

Discover my secret productivity system to conquer your personal and professional goals.




This course was so much more than I ever expected… It really will change the way you bullet journal.

Lexy, VA

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked, worry-free guarantee.


  • Level 1: Intro + Roadmap
  • Level 2: Supplies
  • Level 3: Basics / Start Simple
  • Level 4: Creating Layouts (with Examples)
  • Level 5: Planning, Managing To-Do’s & Goal-setting
  • Level 6: What to Track (and how to do it)
  • Level 7: Lettering + Handwriting
  • Level 8: Decorations
  • Level 9: Paper Journal in a Smartphone World
  • Level 10: Final Notes & Bonus Material

Your Instructors

A Bit of Everything

Fixing Mistakes






Keys & Colors


Setting Goals


Fixing Mistakes


Digital Basics


Floral Doodles



 It’s soooo good! And it’s worth every dollar! Not disappointed. Whitney has lots of tracking ideas, how to brain dump, how to set priorities, and how to make circle trackers. She also has a great tool called the door hanger, it’s so slick! Lots of different layouts to choose and how to do them, plus Instagram tips, key ideas, and really useful supply lists that fit your budget to start journaling… 

Lori, MN @leg_bujo

 This course really CAN help people who are already working with the bullet journal system. It will walk you through the aspects to help you refine how “you do you’” and improve the productivity in your life… 

Karen, NY @karens.creativeness

 This course was so much more than I ever expected. The information provided to you is a lot, but it is so valuable!! I was absolutely amazed by all the material that was provided and the time that Whitney put into it! It really will change the way you bullet journal… 

Lexi, VA @lexi.journal

Do it. It will give you a boost to start or to restart. Everything is laid out for you and everything is VERY practical… 

Kim, IN

 This course is the best way to learn how to make a journal you love. Period. 

Haley, CO @haleysbujo17

Common Questions

I have tried to journal in the past, but I got frustrated and stopped. How is this course going to turn things around?

This course will teach you how to implement a plan, so you have a clear vision of your journaling purpose.

Specifically, I’ll show you my personal productivity system, so you’ll see a real improvement in your own productivity.

No more stressing about getting organized.

After all, journaling is supposed to be fun. 😀

Can I really try the course risk-free with your 30-Day Guarantee?


Ok, here’s the deal:

If you buy the course and give it a legitimate shot, and still don’t feel like you’ve received a RIDICULOUS amount of value, then email me by day 30.

I’ll be happy to give you a refund, but you’ll be removed from the private mastermind group (which is pretty cool by the way).

Other course creators think I’m crazy for offering this deal, but for me, it’s far less about the money and more about creating a community of productivity winners.

What if I am not artistic or have little journaling experience?

You’re in luck!

This course is specifically designed to get you from start to finish. There are ZERO artistic requirements (and zero pressure 🙂).

How is the course material different from what you already share on the blog?

I love and respect all my followers A LOT, so I would never re-package any free blog material and make them pay for it. It’s just not my style.

All the videos and lessons that come with your membership are exclusive to the course. So you don’t ever need to worry about paying for material you could find for free elsewhere.

Can I go at my own pace? Or is the content released at certain times?

All the course lessons are pre-recorded, and since you have lifetime access, you absolutely can go at your own pace (or go back and replay a lesson).

And unlike many courses out there, I unlock all the material IMMEDIATELY, so if you’re a real go-getter, you can get after it.

If I buy the course now, do I have access to all future course content and updates?


You will never pay another cent for new course content or updates.

Can I upgrade to the Nova membership later, if I already purchased the Spirit?


Just send me an email and I’ll get you all set up.

All you need to do is pay the difference.

Have more questions? Email my personal address at