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New Additions to Journal You!

I’m so excited to finally announce the new additions to Phase 2 release of Journal You!

I want to introduce you to FIVE new teachers this year, that are experts in their topics and can teach their expertise a lot better than I can.

They each contribute a TON of value to the course…plus I thought I’d add some new faces so you don’t just have to watch me the whole time 😂.

Are you ready to meet them? Let’s go!

5 New Instructors & Lessons

Let me introduce you to these 5 fabulous ladies:


Catja from @deluxe.journaling comes all the way from Denmark and shares some of her tips for beautiful page patterns. If you haven’t seen her Instagram account, go check it out NOW. Her intricate patterns and amazing pen drawings have me in awe every time. She’s contributed an awesome video that shows you several types of patterns you can use to decorate your pages too!

Jennifer V.

Jenniffer has a fantastic blog all about bullet journaling and digital planning over at Life is Messy & Brilliant. In her lesson, she shares what you need to know about setting up a digital planner on an iPad. She shows you all of the apps needed, and exactly which steps to take to get you started with your digital journal. This is a very comprehensive lesson, and you’ll learn a ton about your iPad (I did!)

Deena T.

Deena was one of the very first accounts I followed, and if you want to see handwriting that will make you swoon, go check out her Instagram. She also has some GREAT family & parenting tips. She is one of the few that uses a disc-bound journaling system, and I’m almost convinced to try it out this year!

Eli B.

Eli is an author of THREE planner doodle books, and each one has over 100 awesome doodling tutorials. Her floral planner doodles book is a favorite – she makes doodling EASY and you’ll be a pro in no time. For Journal You, she’s contributed a video on how to dress your pages up with 4 types of floral doodles. She shows you step by step from pen to colors, and you’ll be a flower-drawing pro in no time!

Rachel W.

Rachel is the blogger behind Planning Mindfully. Her website is growing like crazy and she’s quickly becoming a top authority for bullet journaling and productivity. She’s also coming out with a book this year, and I can’t freakin’ wait to share that with you. She’s shared a video all about goalsetting and strategizing meaningful goals for your year.

I am incredibly honored and thrilled that these five contributed their knowledge to Journal You! Let me know if you have any requests for future teachers – I’ll have another round of new faces in a few months!

Printed Book!

The Journal You Course has over 100 printable pages, and it is continuing to grow! I hate you having to waste your own paper and ink to print all of this out… so I did the work for you! If you provide your shipping information at checkout, I’ll ship you out a printed book. I’ve even added a printable Door Hanger Pro on the last page of the book!

Journal You 52 Early Access

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