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Updates to the Journal You Course!

This post is where you can learn about all the new updates to the Journal You course after each release.

Want to see how much value is packed into each new course release?

Keep reading to find out. 

New Additions: Version 4.0!

August 2019

I know you wanted to know when Journal You would be back, and the time is NOW!

And you guessed it, with another HUGE update.

This releases now includes access to my brand-new, just-released Letter My Journal course!

This very first add-on course is all about lettering in your journal. You won’t need excess stamps and stickers once you learn how to use a brush pen! It’s addicting, fun, and super relaxing. I could seriously letter all day if they let me. 😂

If you’ve ever been curious about how to start with your brush pen, then definitely check out this latest release with the lettering course add-on. I’ll teach you exactly how to start with your brush pen and walk you through step-by-step video lessons and work through the practice sheets with you. You’ll be a pro in no time!

Now with Journal You 4.0, you’ll learn all about making the most out of your journal, how to stay productive, and how to decorate it like a pro… You’ll get ALL of the teacher guest video lessons, a printed 100-page workbook, access to the Journal You toolbox, and much more…

New Additions: Version 3.0!

April 2019

I am insanely excited to announce the new, improved Journal You! Say Hi to Journal You 3.0 ~ this includes every single thing from the last 2 versions, plus a ton of new updates, videos and tools!

Journal You 3.0 includes a ton of new-ness, including 3 new guest teachers, a brand new Journal You toolbox, access to every single one of my digital products, and new lettering videos!

This year, you have two memberships to choose from: Nova and Spirit.

In the Spirit membership, you get everything currently in Journal You: videos, printables, updates, group access & toolbox access.

If you’re wanting even more, there’s Nova.

If you choose to bump up to Nova access, you’ll get everything from Spirit, plus a free book shipped to you with all of the printables AND access to every digital product I’ve ever released (and ever will…)

My Life by Whitney shop now has over $400 worth of digital goodies, and you’ll have access to every single one, plus any of my future releases!

Want to know something really cool?

Any current Journal You student automatically gets upgraded to the Nova membership!

(If you get Spirit access, you can upgrade anytime).

Now let me introduce you to these amazing NEW instructors…

4 New Instructors & Lessons

Let me introduce you to these 4 super fabulous ladies:


Patrizia from @lifeinabujo shares her watercolor techniques, must-have supplies and shares how exactly to paint a nebula from start to finish.


Jennifer from @journalbydesign shares how her journaling system has evolved over nearly 3 years, and how she’s perfected her bullet journal key. She also goes over basic supplies you need to get started as well as her favorite ways to decorate without “being artistic”.

Kirsty & Thassia

Kirsty & Thassia are the faces behind the inspiring bullet journal blog, Diary of a Journal Planner. They show you 10 ways to fix mistakes in your journal (and they go way beyond white out & correction tape). These are amazing tips for beginners AND us experienced folks.

Introducing the Toolbox!

Another feature I’m SO excited to share is the Journal You Toolbox. This is where I keep all of *my* tools I use when creating my spreads.

Calculators: I love creating new spreadsheet calculators that save time when creating spreads. I make them compatible with any journal, so don’t worry if you don’t have the “right” journal size.

– Customizable Journal Companion Tool
– Journal Split Tool (you saw on my instagram feed)
– Monthly Spread Grid Calculator

Lettering Revamped: 

– The toolbox now includes new printable lettering practice sheets with 5 block lettering styles.
– The master list of hand lettering worksheets from around the web: 30+ free guides with tons of different handwriting styles.

Instagram Research: You’ll get access to my full Instagram categorizes hashtag research spreadsheet I’ve been building on since 2016 (and the apps I use to help speed up the process!)

Printable Door Hanger Pro: Print a Door Hanger so you can adjust to your size journal.

Extra Tools: There’s even more fun tools to help you organize your journal and generate spread ideas.

The Toolbox is an invaluable resource that I’m SUPER excited about.

Keep reading to learn about the Version 2.0 update from January or head here if you’re interested in getting access now!

New Additions: Version 2.0

January 2019

I’m so excited to finally announce the new additions to Phase 2 release of Journal You!

I want to introduce you to FIVE new teachers this year, that are experts in their topics and can teach their expertise a lot better than I can.

They each contribute a TON of value to the course…plus I thought I’d add some new faces so you don’t just have to watch me the whole time 😂.

Are you ready to meet them? Let’s go!

5 New Instructors & Lessons

Let me introduce you to these 5 fabulous ladies:


Catja from @deluxe.journaling comes all the way from Denmark and shares some of her tips for beautiful page patterns. If you haven’t seen her Instagram account, go check it out NOW. Her intricate patterns and amazing pen drawings have me in awe every time. She’s contributed an awesome video that shows you several types of patterns you can use to decorate your pages too!

Jennifer V.

Jenniffer has a fantastic blog all about bullet journaling and digital planning over at Life is Messy & Brilliant. In her lesson, she shares what you need to know about setting up a digital planner on an iPad. She shows you all of the apps needed, and exactly which steps to take to get you started with your digital journal. This is a very comprehensive lesson, and you’ll learn a ton about your iPad (I did!)

Deena T.

Deena was one of the very first accounts I followed, and if you want to see handwriting that will make you swoon, go check out her Instagram. She also has some GREAT family & parenting tips. She is one of the few that uses a disc-bound journaling system, and I’m almost convinced to try it out this year!

Eli B.

Eli is an author of THREE planner doodle books, and each one has over 100 awesome doodling tutorials. Her floral planner doodles book is a favorite – she makes doodling EASY and you’ll be a pro in no time. For Journal You, she’s contributed a video on how to dress your pages up with 4 types of floral doodles. She shows you step by step from pen to colors, and you’ll be a flower-drawing pro in no time!

Rachel W.

Rachel is the blogger behind Planning Mindfully. Her website is growing like crazy and she’s quickly becoming a top authority for bullet journaling and productivity. She’s also coming out with a book this year, and I can’t freakin’ wait to share that with you. She’s shared a video all about goalsetting and strategizing meaningful goals for your year.

I am incredibly honored and thrilled that these five contributed their knowledge to Journal You! Let me know if you have any requests for future teachers – I’ll have another round of new faces in a few months!

Printed Book!

The Journal You Course has over 100 printable pages, and it is continuing to grow! I hate you having to waste your own paper and ink to print all of this out… so I did the work for you! If you provide your shipping information at checkout, I’ll ship you out a printed book. I’ve even added a printable Door Hanger Pro on the last page of the book!

Journal You 52 Early Access

As a Journal You member, you get free access to ALL of the monthly themes and topics from #journalyou52. This means you can work on topics before they’re released and up your chances at giveaway winnings! You also have easy access to every available Inspiration gallery. Each topic from JournalYou52 has a gallery related with anywhere from 25-100 pictures included. The galleries provide easy inspiration, and may help you get some ideas for your own spreads! PLUS, you’ll know ALL of the topics before anyone else and can start tagging before anyone else! 🙌
Read more about the FREE #journalyou52 series here.