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What is #journalyou52?

You may have heard me mention #JournalYou52 here and there over the past few months… this is the project I’ve been excited to start in 2019 and we’re finally here!

The goal of this year-long project is to expand your creativity and give you ideas for your journal each week.

How it Works

Months will be themed with one focus word for the month.

For example, the first word of the year is “START.” The whole goal in January is to get started on whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do.

Weeks will have a specific prompt that will be announced on Fridays. Week 1’s prompt is to create a yearly spread or birthday spread in your journal. You can use a journal, planner, notebook, or whatever you want to complete the theme.

This is a fun way to get ideas for your own journal and see others creations at the same time!

👇Make sure you sign up through the form below if you join in! 👇

    How to Share

    Each week I’ll share a new hashtag to the prompt. The idea is #journalyou01 for Week 1, #jy02 for Week 2, #jy03 for Week 3, etc. These hashtags are on the shared sheet and if you use the given hashtags you’ll help build an Instagram gallery!

    I’ve already made BIG inspiration galleries full of ideas for each prompt. I’ll share these with subscribers weekly. The galleries look something like this & have a TON of photos to give you inspiration!

    You can see the current prompt list (& hashtags) here: I encourage you to bookmark the page, but I’ll link it weekly in the newsletter!

    When to Share

    Each prompt is released on Fridays in the newsletter and I’ll be live on Sundays drawing my version on the Life by Whitney YouTube channel and/or the LBW/Journal You Facebook group.

    You’re welcome to draw the same version as I do or submit your own take on the prompt.

    Share your picture anytime during the week. You can also go back and tag old photos if you’ve already made one for the prompt. I’ll share my version every week on the @journalyou Instagram feed.

    Once the week is over you’re still more than welcome to add new pictures… please do! Your pictures will be added to the Inspiration Gallery for each topic. I’ll showcase at least one photo on Instagram each week and you’ll also be entered to win the week’s prize.

    Wait, what Prize?

    I thought a little giveaway action would take this to the next level…

    If you participate that week, you’re entered into a weekly giveaway and could win some fun goodies!

    Each week I’ll give away something different, and giveaway winners will be announced once the week is over.

    GIVEAWAY RULES: Submit your photo by Thursday. Giveaway winners are announced in the Friday newsletter and will be contacted on Instagram. If you are international, some of the items may not be shippable to you, but I’ll get with you on a replacement! 

    [If you’re a blogger, brand, author, or creator and would like to sponsor any of the giveaways, apply here].

    Wrapping Up

    Ok, that’s my spiel… and I’m pretty excited about it!

    If you wanna participate, be sure you’re subscribed to the newsletter to get the first prompts👇Also if you’re on Instagram, find @journalyou — this is where I’ll feature your submissions & choose giveaway winners!

      I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

      ♥️ Whitney