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Give the gift of free journaling education.

Apply to become a Learning Partner and give your students full online course scholarships.

(it takes 30 seconds)

How Does It Work?

If you’re a qualified educator, fill out the application form and we’ll send you a coupon code you can share with your students.

Who Can Apply?

Are you a university, high school or other educational institution? Then you’re good to go!

Apply Here

We’ll review your details and send you an acceptance email as a new Learning Partner.


You should have questions when you’re considering becoming a Learning Partner.

So here are some answers to the most common questions.

You can also contact us anytime via email.

Do I have to be from an educational institution?

You do have to be from an educational institution or a non-profit that is focused on teaching.

What are the next steps I should tell my students?

First, they need to register for a new account here, with their school email address.

Next, head over to the Journal YOU product page.

Once there, go through the checkout/enrollment process and enter your custom coupon.

Which course does my coupon apply to?

Our flagship Journal You course.

How many students can use my scholarship coupon?

As many as you want — just please only share it with your students.

Your custom coupon code will also be personalized to represent you as your organization’s representative.

Does my scholarship coupon ever expire?


However, we can suspend future use of it anytime if we feel like it is being misused.

Can I change my coupon name?

We can only customize it for you during your initial approval process, so let us know in the Message field in the application form.